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Medieval Lithuania

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The main battles of Medieval Lithuania

       Medieval Lithuania was the main force, which stopped the German expantion to the East, defeating the Teutonic Order and the Order of the Sword in a number of battles. In the 13th century the Livonian branch of the Teutonic Order and the Order of the Sword suffered defeats in 16 major battles. 13 of these battles were fougth with Lithuanians. 6 Livonian land masters and 443 knights (brothers) of the Order perished in them, while 2 of the rest of these major victories belong to the Semigallians, acting as Lithuanian allies.

       22 September 1236 - The Battle of Šiauliai (Saule, Schaulen). The Samogitians crushed the Knights of the Sword. Master Volkwin and 48-60 knights perished.

       13 July 1260 - The Battle of Durbe (Durben). The Samogitians and Curuonians crushed the Teutonic Order. Livonian Land Master Burchard of Hornhausen, Prussian Land Marshall Botel, and 150 knights perished.

       16 February, 1270. - The Battle on the Ice of Karuse (Kerrus). The Lithuanians defeated the Teutonic Knights of Livonia. The Livonian Land Master Otto of Lutenberg and 52 knights perished.

       5 March, 1279. - The Battle of Aizkraukle (Ascheraden). The Lithuanians defeated the Teutonic Knights of Livonia.  The Livonian Land Master Ernest of Rassburg and 71 knight perished.

       10 June, 1294. - The Battle of Trojanów. The Lithuanians (led by the Grand Duke Vytenis) crushed the Polish forces of the land of Kuyavia.

       1 Junne 1298. - The Battle of Turaida (Treiden). The Lithuanians defeated the Teutonic Knights of Livonia. The Livonian Land Master Bruno and 22 knights perished.

       7 April, 1311. - The Battle of Woplauken. The Teutonic knights of Prussia crushed the Lithuanian army led by Grand Duke Vytenis.

       27 July, 1320. - The Battle of Medininkai. The Lithuanians defeated the Teutonic Knights of Prussia, that invaded Samogitia.

       2 February, 1348. - The Battle of Strėva (Strebe, Strawe). The Prussian branch of the Teutonic knights defeated the Lithuanian army. Narimantas, son of Gediminas, perished.

       Autumn 1362 - The Battle of Blue Waters. The Lithuanian army led by the Grand Duke Algirdas crushed the Tatars and occupied Podolia and Kiev.

       18 February, 1370. - The Battle of Rudau. The Teutonic Knights crushed the Lithuanian army suffering great losses.

       12 August, 1399. - The Battle of the Vorskla River. The Tatars crushed the Lithuanian army and their allies led by the Grand Duke Vytautas.

       15 July, 1410. - The Battle of Tannenberg (Grunwald, Žalgiris). The Polish and Lithuanian army led by the Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytautas crushed the army of the Teutonic Knights marking the end of the Teutonic Order might. [Historiography]

       1 September, 1435. - The Battle of Ukmergė (Wilkomierz, Pabaiskas). Žygimantas Kęstutaitis (suported by Poland) defeated his rival Švitrigaila (who was supported by the Livonian branch of the Teutonic Order).

       14 July, 1500. - The Battle of the Vedrosha River. The Lithuanian army was defeated by the Russian forces. The commander of the Lithuanian army Constantine Ostrogski was taken captive.

       5 August, 1506. - The Battle of Kletsk. The Lithuanian army crushed the Tatar army of Crimea that invaded deep into Lithuania.

       8 September, 1514. - The Battle of Orsha. The Lithuanian army led by Constantine Ostrogski crushed the Muscovite army.


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